Working out when wanting Ice Cream


I absolutely love being a Beachbody Coach! It’s seriously one of the biggest passions I have. I was introduced to this amazing company about a year ago and, it was a life changing experience for me. I woke.up one day sick and tired of being sick and tired so I made a change

Now, making a change is never easy. If your like me YOU HATE change. No.seriously hate it so much you’d rather cut a limb off then workout or make a big change in your life. I was happy with content.  I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone or.myself. and I was totally fine with that. Until, I took this huge leap of faith and just jumped. I was petrified. I didn’t think I could do it at all. But, I bit my to Unger and said screw it its now or never. 

See my kids are 3 and 6. But, I was still using the exscuse I jist had a baby. Like…are you effn kidding me I just had a baby. Ya like 3 years ago!! But it worked in my head and I totally convinced myself this was why I couldn’t do it. 

My first 30 days I lost 20 pounds! Yes…20 pounds. I went up to 40 and bang tore my meniscus.  That was seriously one of the most painful injuries Iv personally have ever had. No fun!! I ended up going backwards. Gaining weight back. Getting depressed about it. I was miserable.  

I can’t really remember when I said effe it. I’m done feeling this way again. It wasn’t some empathy it just was. And, I’m back at it. Thank goodness for still staying a coach. It helped me be accountable and get back.on that horse and not look back. 

So country heat. Its the most fun I have ever had working out. Not push ups, no.burpees, just dancing and having fun. And, time flies by. 

I’m always looking for women to join my team. Wanna join message me or leave a comment. I’ll post my links.  



So, for some moms they love every waking moment with their kids. Now, don’t get me wrong I love the effe out of my babies. But, come on there is a non stop screaming in my head, I’m  about to have an anxiety attack almost had a heart attack type of night. It’s always..I mean always…



“Maaaa….he took my toy…”


“Mommy, I want wait chocolate milk…no mix them together,” Or my favorite


Literally every 5 secs. I’m like come on kid can you give me 2 secs to breath. Just 2 seconds…or can I at least go to the bathroom. Ya thats a joke. Peeing while your a mom is a non-existent concept. Goodness, my son last night came in and congratulated me for being a big girl for going potty. Now, before you go Awwwweee…I want you to know this. After every single time I’m going pee, or whatever else to hear my son congratulate me, or my favorite he comes in and tries to check my panties to make sure their not wet gets a little old. Like really kid..stop pulling at my panties I’m all set!! 

Back to the original part of the story. I can totally get caught uo in something else.

So, They constantly fight and one of them is pulling the others hair while the other is throwing toys. It’s like really…really!! Now, I know for some of you you might be reading this and thinking what’s wrong with her, well don’t worry I think the same thing. What is wrong with me? Why is it so hard to get them to function without killing each other for the hour I’m cooking dinner. 

Forget about working out while they are still awake. I think I’d probably have a heart attack! No, seriously dead on the ground!! And totally not by the workout but, by the constant screaming and freaking out that the other did this or that to them. I know it’s my fault. I know that I probably should be more strict and, don’t think I’m not because, I’m probably the strictest mom around I just know that when I want that moment just to breath I walk away and let them give it a go!!

Being a single mom is tough. And every hit, toy throw, every scream it never changes that I love these more than life itself. But, Sometimes I would just like a moment where I don’t think I’m not gonna lose it!! 

The trials and tribulations of 2 screaming Kids!!

So…stress the number one factor in my life that somewhat puts me to an edge. I mean come on I’v got one who is hanging on me and the other screaming because she isn’t hanging one me all while I try to make dinner and clean the house. I’v pretty much adjusted to the stage 5 clingers I was blessed with and have just made it work. It probably all steams back to me with a newborn strapping her on my chest with every part of housework I did. But, back then it worked now, it’s just stressful.

I dont know about any of you but, I totally stress eat. After being alive for 35 years I literally just caught myself eating while I was in this wicked stressful situation with my child who has Adhd. It was like I couldnt shove that food in my mouth any faster. Thank goodness it was only rice cakes still eating a whole package is a problem. Iv been trying to do these breathing techniques I taught my daughter when she s anxious but, for some reason when I do it I get to this point of….what the heck am I doing. So, lately I’ve been trying to find different outlets. I have found working out does wonders and writing about it is even better. So here I am on a Thursday night writing about it…making the dishes and getting the kids to stop fighting. 

Welcome to my life. The single mom life of craziness..and.I love every part of it!!! 

Single Moms can get Fit too

Hello… name is Cassandra and as you can tell by the title I’m a single mom of 2 young ones. Bella is 6 and Dom is 3. They are the loves of my life. These 2 little ones are my reasons for doing anything. Being responsible,  taking care of the house, paying bills, oh wait that’s called being an adult. Well…then I’m still working on that part. They are the true and real reasons Why I started working out and getting healthy. This blog is all about my journey as a single mom who is determined to being a successful Beachbody coach….all while I lose my weight and do it the right way. 

Welcome…stay around a bit. My life will definitely make you lets laugh about my crazy life and let’s have fun while getting healthy and fit. It can be done…Im proof that it can .