The trials and tribulations of 2 screaming Kids!!

So…stress the number one factor in my life that somewhat puts me to an edge. I mean come on I’v got one who is hanging on me and the other screaming because she isn’t hanging one me all while I try to make dinner and clean the house. I’v pretty much adjusted to the stage 5 clingers I was blessed with and have just made it work. It probably all steams back to me with a newborn strapping her on my chest with every part of housework I did. But, back then it worked now, it’s just stressful.

I dont know about any of you but, I totally stress eat. After being alive for 35 years I literally just caught myself eating while I was in this wicked stressful situation with my child who has Adhd. It was like I couldnt shove that food in my mouth any faster. Thank goodness it was only rice cakes still eating a whole package is a problem. Iv been trying to do these breathing techniques I taught my daughter when she s anxious but, for some reason when I do it I get to this point of….what the heck am I doing. So, lately I’ve been trying to find different outlets. I have found working out does wonders and writing about it is even better. So here I am on a Thursday night writing about it…making the dishes and getting the kids to stop fighting. 

Welcome to my life. The single mom life of craziness..and.I love every part of it!!! 


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