My Crazy Morning

​ life is a joke sometimes and I m not sure how I’m still alive. I totally feel like a robot some days. It’s just an automatic thing. I get up, survive, go to bed. Or at least try to go to bed. Everything else is pretty much mandatory.  Sleep I’m coming to realize…is not!

So, at 215am my daughter wakes me and my son up…”mommy,there is a spider in my bed.”  So the half awake mom..tells her to just jump in my bed I’ll take care of it later. 

Not even 2 seconds later she’s fighting with my son over a pillow. So I’m like effe this…i get up go to the kitchen to grab my shoe and there is chocolate milk and syrup everywhere…ya…did I tell you she forgot to mention she had a friggen chocolate milk party before coming to my room. So after cleaning that up i head to her room. Ya..sure as shit…there was 5 spiders on her ceiling. I said I thought you said the bed she s like “sorry meant the wall,” so, I look up and realize they are up way too high so now I go and grab the vacuum.  It’s now 300am and im vacuuming 5 spiders off her ceiling. Cleaned up the chocolate, fixed her bed and at around 4 am I fell back asleep. 

Like really…4…come on kid..your killing me

BTW I’m up at 5 for work. Needless to say I was not a happy chic!!


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